Alloy Merchant Finance is a cross-border finance company offering creative capital solutions to growing small and medium companies. The Alloy team understands the ways in which businesses can successfully deploy capital of all types to increase shareholder value.

Alloy Merchant Finance is led by executives, each with at least 25 years of experience, providing financing to support growth companies in Mexico and the United States.

Alloy shareholders are accomplished US-based private investors with significant and long-term interests in financial services, energy, real estate, and other businesses. The combination of successful long-term investors and seasoned finance professionals results in a unique partner that understands how to make financing work efficiently for you.

All of our products are adaptable to the specific needs of our clients and partners. The Alloy team is multicultural and has worked with companies of all types, sizes, and stages (particularly growing small and medium size companies), and understands their unique needs.



Early stage or growing companies frequently encounter difficulties in obtaining the specific type of financing they require from traditional providers. Business owners know that access to tailored financing with knowledgeable parties and the speed of their response are fundamental to growth.

Your company needs a partner that supports your international operations, including cross-border opportunities. Operating in Mexico and the United States, and with a knowledge of other markets, Alloy has the experience that will allow you to meet the full range of challenges you face as a small and growing business.


Alloy operates from principal offices in Mexico City and Houston. In Mexico, Alloy has employees or representatives in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro, Tijuana, and Mérida.